Grooming your dog can help develop an emotional bond

As you all know, dog grooming is an important part of caring for your dog and should be done on a regular basis…daily for some of those dogs who like to adventure through bushes, mud and water. Not only does grooming keep your dog clean, tangle free and smelling fab, there are also emotional and health benefits for your dog.

It only takes a few minutes every day. Grooming your dog regularly from an early age helps them get used to being washed and brushed from day one. It is particularly important if you have a rescue dog as they not be used to being groomed – we don’t always know their background.

We all know that grooming is crucial to maintaining the health and comfort of your pet, but did you know that grooming is partly responsible for the emotional bond that develops between you and your dog? Grooming will help develop that bond with your special dog and forge a long lasting friendship.

Health benefits

Most of us understand the importance of grooming our dogs, but do you know about some of the specific health benefits? Brushing your dog not only helps remove loose and old hair and keeps the coat looking fresh, it also helps with your dog’s blood circulation up. Washing your dog regularly helps remove the dirt and grease in your dog’s coat which can cause the blockage of pores and a higher risk of cysts developing. However, it is important not to over-wash as a certain amount of grease in the coat help keeps it shiny.

Grooming your dog gives you the perfect chance to give them a quick once-over to check they are in the best possible condition. You will start to learn how your dog feels and in time will notice if there are any new lumps, bumps or changes to their skin that should be checked out by a vet.

If you have a dog with long hair then keeping them tangle free is very important – long tangled hair can lead to matting which in more extreme circumstances can cause skin sores. A simple grooming brush and appropriate shampoo can help keep that long hair in great condition.

Emotional bond

The emotional bond between you and your dog is one of the main reasons why we have a dog – they provide us with unequivocal love and an everlasting friendship.

Grooming your dog is a great way for both you and your dog to relax and de-stress after a long day. The best start to building that bond is to begin grooming when your dog is a puppy or as soon as you can if it is an older rescue dog. Regular grooming and handling of your dog will help develop that bond early.

Developing an emotional bond is very rewarding for both you and your dog and will lead to a long lasting and happy friendship.

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