Does your dog eat too fast and make a mess?

Eating slowly helps prevent choking, aids in digestion and fills you up faster. 

For a dog, eating too fast and gulping down food can result in severe indigestion and vomiting. Sometimes, a life threatening condition called 'bloat' can occur . It can happen to any dog but is reported more often in larger dogs, especially barrel-chested breeds. Canine bloat or twisted stomach occurs when a dog eats too quickly and gulps down a lot of air. The air turns into gas in the stomach and causes the abdomen to swell, distend and put pressure on other organs like the heart and lungs. 

Luckily for your fast eating friend, there are now slow feeders available to help your dog slow down and eat safe.

The Northmate 'Interactive Green Feeder' is made to look like a patch of green grass. Just scatter your dog's food across the 'feeder' forcing your dog to push the food out between the blades to eat it. This encourages your dog to slow down while eating, as well as providing mental stimulation making dinner time for fun!

The fabulous green interactive dog feeder is made from phthalate-free plastic and is dishwasher friendly. 

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