The British have a reputation for being a nation of dog lovers. But what is the UK's favourite pooch? And does your postcode play a role in which puppy you pick? The BBC analysed 10 years of microchipping data to find out.

Follow this link to the BBC's interactive map which highlights the dog breeds electronically tagged most frequently in the past decade by Petlog and Animalcare, by postcode area.

The UK's favourite dog is the Labrador retriever, BBC analysis of microchipping data has revealed.

More than 509,000 Labradors were tagged in the past decade by pet registration companies Petlog and Animalcare, making it the country's most popular breed.

In second place came the Jack Russell terrier with more than 376,000 animals tagged. The Staffordshire bull terrier was third, with 356,000.

The data, which included five million dogs but excluded the numerous permutations of crossbreeds, also revealed that Liverpool was the most popular postcode for shih tzus, while greyhounds are the dog of choice in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

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